1) If I live in Trier, Germany, is it convenient to visit Luxembourg? 2)Is one day enough for visiting Luxembourg ? 3) Is cycling allowed in Luxembourg? Can I rent a bike at trier and take it to Luxembourg by train?

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  1. 1) It is ok to take the train from Trier to Luxembourg, which takes 45-60 minutes. The round-trip ticket is 8.40 euros . The train comes every one hour. It’s convenient. 2) One day is enough. If you only go to the city center in Luxembourg, you can visit the royal palaces, cathedrals, and famous valleys. 3) Maybe you need to consult the staff at the railway station in advance to see if the bike can be brought. If not, bikes can be rented next to the Grund nature museum in the heart of Luxembourg, but it is not necessary. Most attractions are in the city centre and walking around is better.

  2. Luxembourg is perfect for cycling. There are a lot of natural sceneries.

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