1. Is it a long bus ride from KIX airport to kobe? Is there any express railway that goes directly to Sannomiya ? 2. Please recommend some DX hotels next to Sannomiya with three stars or four stars. 3. In which shops can I go shopping in kobe? Thank you very much!

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  1. You can directly take the ship from KIX to kobe and the journey is about 30 minutes for 1500 yen: http://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/access/ferry/index.html The timetable is as follows: http://www.kobe-access.co.jp/bus.html After getting off the ship you can take the shuttel bus for a few minutes to Port Liner. It would be more convenient if the hotel is along Port Liner.

  2. 1, You can take the ship in kansai port with the boat ticket and cable ticket for 1800 yens to Sannomiya
    2, There is a Youth Hostel near Sannomiya. If you must live in the hotel, you can choose APA Hotel. I think it is better than the Toyoko Inn.
    3, There are many places to visit in Sannomiya, such as department stores, and shop street. In addition, we take the coastline subway to Harbarland. After getting off the station, there are several shopping centers, including Hare, sakuru and Mosaic

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