about a day trip to macau everyone. But I don’t know what’s fun about a day trip… Then I’m going to eat a lot of food. Hahaha.. I bought a package ticket with the TV tower inside… PS: is there any cheap hotel in Macao? How much will it cost… Please comment 8-)

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  1. Live, I live near the dove nest park of hog head street, a hotel, about 200-250 over the weekend, and conditions are humble, I don’t know what the original poster to condition
    I think this belt is very convenient, of nearby, about 20 minutes on foot, and chamber plaza, alongside fort, and Macao museum, eat, the neighboring buy hand letter many

    older MM, I introduce the possibility of not detailed enough, and it is from memory, some probably not very accurate, remember

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  3. Quoting “
    wormsmiling wrote :
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    you are all masters, but I have not been to Hong Kong many times… Not enough experience, or we can help you answer

  4. In fact, the common single room, you can sleep one night. May I ask if that room is available at any time? > or it needs to be reserved in advance.

    because I went to macau by boat. Where is the official street?

  5. http://www.dsej.gov.mo/~webdsej/www/grp_stud/hostel_detail.htm
    hotel is not known, I found the hostels on the Internet, is very cheap, the lowest bed 20. It depends on your requirements.

  6. Macau heisha youth hostel, luhuan heisha new road, the bottom of the slope of heisha beach, from the new road can take 26, 21 bus to arrive, about 12 PM there are cars, the fare is 5 patacas, tel: 00853-28882701. A room for 8 people is 20 patacas per night except for 6 nights on weekdays. A room for two, except on Saturday nights, is 50 patacas per night and 80 patacas per night on Saturday. Recently to decorate, so go to the phone to find out.

    bamboo bay youth hostel, law point street, lok wan, tel: 00853-28882024.

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