about half-day tour in Manila and luggage deposit given the situation that arriving at Manila at 11:50 back to Shanghai by plane at 8:20 PM. there are three questions . 1. Where is a good place to leave our baggage? How much does it cost?is it feasible to leave the luggages at the mall for free, which is read online 2. If you can leave it in the MALL, I plan to send it in SM, and then call a taxi to visit the imperial city of Spain, and go to the airport directly to take back the luggage. Is this feasible to leave luggage in SM and fetch them after the visit the imperial city of Spain by taxi for a while?

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  1. Both Manila domestic and international airport do not have a baggage storage area. I planned to store my bags at the international airport and then went shopping after arriving at the domestic airport. But it was waste of time. Later, I went to MALL OF ASIA to deposit my bag, which was about 70 peso by taxi. There is a particular place to store large bags for free, and you can ask the staff where it is .The supermarket can only store not too large bags; There also seems to be more convient to store luggage at a mall near the Spanish royal city To Just in case, we arrived at the airport around 6 o ‘clock. free shuttle buses are available between domestic and international airport.It is difficult to walk for ten minutes. And JEEPNY can also transfer between the two airports.

  2. Thank you for your answer. How much does it cost to get to the city center from SM by TAXI? Is there a subway?

  3. SM is downtown.Taking a taxi is cheap. It costs 120 peso from the airport to the downtown.

  4. Anyone knows where we can store luaggages for a week for free in Manila? Is SM ok?

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