Apply for a Hong Kong driving licence

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  1. Holders of a mainland Chinese driver’s license can apply for a Hong Kong driver’s license without a test. The following materials are required: (1) passport; (2) Hong Kong and macau pass; (3) Chinese mainland driver’s license; (4) issue original or copy of address proof within 3 months (acceptable address proof includes: bills of utility or telecommunications companies, letters from government departments, public institutions, Banks or local educational institutions, etc., showing clearly the name and address of the applicant, name of issuing institution and date of issue); Application form for issuing Hong Kong full driving licence without examination (please download and complete on the official website of the Hong Kong transport department). Registration address: Hong Kong licensing office (3 / f, united centre, 95 queensway, Hong Kong) 24-hour enquiry hotline: (852) 2804 2600

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