Are you satisfied with SIXT Australia’s service attitude, queue time and vehicle condition?

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  1. I picked it up in Melbourne, Australia, unhappy with SIXT,
    It is better to avoid renting SIXT’s car in Australia, especially in Melbourne. There are many reasons for this. Let me break it down: 1. 2. Outside the arrival hall of Melbourne airport, all other major car dealers have counters for easy pickup. But SIXT didn’t, so you had to call an operator and tell them where you rented your car, and they would contact the local store and send someone up to pick you up at the airport. In fact, SIXT’s store is usually about a 10-minute drive from the airport. The driver of the shuttle bus, after getting off and opening the trunk, put his hands in his trouser pockets, for our large and small luggage, ignore, watching us carry on. When we all got on the bus, he gave us Chinese looking people a Chinese instruction manual, which explained that the writing was very unreasonable. I haven’t received it from SIXT in cairns either, but it looks like they just have it here. 5. When we arrived at the pick-up point, we found out that some Chinese had rented a car there just a few months ago. It took five minutes to drive out. Therefore, perhaps after this point, to go to the car people do not like. 6. In addition to the car rental fee, a credit card of 1,000 Australian dollars is required, which will be returned after two weeks. They say they don’t need the deposit if they buy their full coverage at their local store. What’s worse is that the 1,000 Australian dollars we have paid in cairns has not been returned to the card after two weeks. 7. What we were given was a car that had driven more than 55,000 kilometers. The outside of the car looked clean, but when we opened the car, there was sand and dust inside, including the air outlet of the air conditioner. After the previous experience, fortunately my sister is good at English, directly to the counter and their theory. I ended up with a much cleaner car that had traveled more than 28,000 kilometers. According to Australian traffic regulations, we rented child safety seats and asked our staff to help us install them, but they were not my responsibility. I was speechless. 9. When we returned the car, an Indian asan greeted us and saw a faint mark on the door. Then he looked at our car rental contract and told us that the scratch was newly added and would be charged at our expense. I was so angry that I told him that it was raining the day we took the car and we had to go through a change of car. The car’s biggest problem at the time was that there was a dent in the door. See me a English clap clap, India three say to want to seek instruction superior, afterwards came to an Australian, came to ask the next cause and effect, also say ok. It is conceivable that if our people are not good at English and can not communicate with them, then they will only be cut off. Also at SIXT in cairns, we brought up a couple of scratches to the crew when we picked up the car, and they were all that’s nothing.

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