ask the Australian weather in July and August

Are places like ocean road and penguin island not good places to go? Thank you very much!!!!!

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  1. Sydney
    average temperature should be around 15 to 20.

    in Melbourne in a word, cold. I go there at this time of the year a few times on business, to I have a cold cold. May be I live in the city more hot little habits there.
    my feeling, one day the four seasons, rain crazy more and more cold wind blow.

    I have been to the ocean road we had no winter, well I have been to PHILIP ISLAND in October, still feel cold, and rain that day, because the sea wind is very big also, If you really want to wait to see the penguins, wait until almost 7 o ‘clock species, I have no patience not to wait.

  2. Quoting “
    bread004 wrote :
    please say the following


    ” Sydney’s climate: rain, with a bit of rain (months, I forget), occasionally heavy rain (umbrella only to ensure that the upper body is not wet); Hail, a few times a year (especially in the summer); The wind was so strong that the trees fell down. Snow, impossible. Generally speaking, the weather in Sydney is good. In winter, the sun is warm; In summer, it’s cool under the trees.
    7.8 month Sydney day as long as the sun is relatively warm (coat can), the local people have to wear T-shirt, if it is cold people will sweater + coat. It’s better to have air conditioning in the room at night, otherwise it’s still cold.
    reminds me of my trip to London last year.

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