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everyone eldest brother: I plan to take my wife and children to Australia in 2008 Spring Festival holiday. Three: Sydney, the gold coast (Brisbane) and cairns. I really want to experience the fun of fishing and catching crabs (plan to arrange a day), but I don’t know where, what place is better?

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  1. If you drive by yourself, you can go to The Entrance an hour’s drive from Sydney.
    if you don’t own a car, you can sign up to go fishing.

    however, please note that license is required for fishing in Australia, otherwise it will be fined

  2. Australia is a great place to go fishing! Rock fishing can be done on the sea near Sydney. If you have time to go to kiama, you can also go fishing there. Otherwise, the economic conditions run under the circumstances of fishing is also a very good choice! Have a good time!

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