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  1. hello, we apologize for any inconvenience caused to your car rental experience. As for your feedback, we can see that the existing after-sales specialist is following up for you. We will verify the situation and solve your problem as soon as possible. During this period, the after-sales specialist will give you the corresponding feedback by email or phone. Rentals are dedicated to providing comfortable, relaxed, self-driving Tours. We strive to provide every user with the most attentive service before, during and after sales. Thank you very much for your supervision and Suggestions on our work. Again, my sincerest apologies!

  2. I on May 20, 2016 in San Francisco international airport, as early as march through the rent car rental company, in the San Francisco international airport counter budget company car, experience is very unhappy, no reservation models, pay to upgrade, the car broke down halfway, directly threaten safe driving, delay the schedule, car, fill up my car, without any hint of directly to I have the receipt, forced to charge my gas. Budget is a cheater not honest company, warned the later consumers, many traps, be careful. hopes that renting a car can help us recover the dignity of being cheated.

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