California’s latest traffic rules in 2016

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  1. Generally speaking, the American people still obey the traffic rules.

  2. California is very concerned about the rights of children, so you must rent a safety seats for kids.

  3. Although California’s traffic laws are strict,everyone drives well, unlike back home.

  4. Chinese driving manual? Useful?

  5. Hello, I also need a California driver’s manual 2015 edition. Is there any other state driver’s manual? Send it together, please. My address is

  6. The manual has been sent, please check. If you have other questions, you can also leave a message.

  7. Dear editor, can you send me a Chinese version of California driving manual 2015? My address is 1021118536 thank you!

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  9. n 2016, California has a series of traffic regulations officially implemented, such as the “Hit-and-run Yellow Alert” and the “missing person” Silver Alert on highway information boards (related vehicles) Or the information of the missing person will be displayed on the information board, as shown below), using the legal regulations related to electric bicycles and electric boards. Here, rent a rental car editor mainly talks about the latest traffic regulations in 2016 with tourists involved in driving in California. 1. Child safety seat: Children under the age of two must be placed in a child safety chair when riding, and the child’s face must be seen backwards, in the opposite direction of the driver to provide greater protection to the child. Children over 18.2 kg or over 1.1 m tall are not subject to this restriction. The current California law requires all children under the age of eight to travel by car and be placed in a child safety seat in the rear of the car to continue to apply. (The law began to be implemented on January 1, 2017, but began to be announced in 2016.) 2. Freeway lane use: In 2015, the law requires slow-moving passenger vehicles, which need to be safely parked on the side, so that the traffic behind the road is blocked first. Passed, and the new law extends the scope of application to all slow-moving vehicles, including bicycles. The new law requires that a slow-moving vehicle, if it causes more than five vehicles behind it to be blocked, must use the next ramp exit or other suitable area to allow the subsequent traffic to pass preferentially.   3. Do not wear earplugs or earphones when driving or riding a bicycle: The new law stipulates that wearing headphones or earplugs in both ears when driving or riding a bicycle is illegal. This ban does not apply to persons authorized to drive emergency ambulances, construction and waste disposal equipment, who can wear headphones or safety earplugs. (Leasing car rental Xiaobian warm reminder, even if the ears are not sound with earplugs is illegal.) (The 4th and 5th points below seems to have little to do with the California self-driving tour, but I want to try it on time. Therefore, it is also released for everyone’s reference.) 4. Electronic motor vehicle board: The new law stipulates that the “electronic motor vehicle board” is a wheeled device designed to be stepped on, electronically driven, and the speed does not exceed 15 miles per hour. Electronic motor panels can only be used on sections of 35 mph or on specific bicycle sections. Users must be at least 16 years old and wear a cycling helmet. California’s county and city governments are authorized to limit the use of electronic vehicle panels.   5. Electronic bicycle: The new law is divided into different types of electronic bicycles according to its top speed and the driving force provided by the engine, which will take effect on January 1, 2016. Class 1 and Class 2 electronic bicycles have a top speed of 20 mph and Class 3 is 28 mph. In addition, the third type of bicycle driver must be at least 16 years old and wear a helmet. Electronic bicycle manufacturers and sellers need to indicate the classification number, top speed, and output wattage on the bicycle. In addition, the new law regulates safety restrictions and the use of roads. Finally, the latest California traffic rules for 2016 are included: Driving without driver license: $214 Driving without driver’s license: $214 Run Red Light: $533 Red light: $533  Run over 2 yellow double solid lane: $425 Cross double yellow line: 425 USD  Forbidden U-Turn: $284 No rotation at the turn: $284; Exceeding Speed ​​Limit (from 1-15 miles): $224 Exceeding the top speed of 1 to 15 哩: $224  Exceeding Speed ​​Limit (from 16- 25 miles): $338 Exceeding a top speed of 15 to 25 mph: $338  Driving too slow: $328 Driving speed too slow: $328  Do not stop at Stop Sign: $284 Parking (STOP) sign no stop: 284 US$  Overpass Transportation Bus when light flashing: $675 Over the public brakes when flashing over: $675  Using hand phone while driving (first time): $160 Using a mobile phone while driving (first time): $160  Parking in Bus reserved area: $976 Parking in Bus Parking: USD 976  Do not turn light on when it Is dark(30 mins): $382 No black headlights after 30 minutes: $382  No Seat Belt while driving: $160 No seat belts: $160  Kids without Seat Belt or Car Seat by law: $436 Children are not wearing a seat belt or child seat: $436  Wear head set on both ears while driving: $178 Driving in the ear: $176 Driving without car insurance & having car accident:$796 With license suspension for 4 years No traffic accidents caused by car insurance: $796 and the revoked driver’s license for more than 4 years. All tickets are subject to a traffic rules course (the course is subject to a fee). After completing the course, the violation record will be saved for 18 months.   In the rules, “over the public bus when flashing lights: $675”, the “bus” here refers to the school bus, ambulance, fire truck and so on. When you are renting a car in California and you are experiencing a bus, you must take the initiative to stop and stop immediately.   In addition, New York pedestrians will be fined $250 for crossing the road. The speeding and red light in Seattle is usually $124; the parking space for disabled people (there is a sign for wheelchairs in disabled people) is $250; there is no minimum speed limit in Seattle, so it is not illegal to drive slowly.   BTW, rent car rental Xiaobian here [California driving manual 2015 Chinese version], including traffic regulations, traffic signs, signal lights, turn, parking, etc. If necessary, you can leave a mailbox and other small series to send you ~

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