Can I go to Basel – Mulhouse airport with a UK student visa ? I hold the student visa from the UK. I want to return to LONDON from Switzerland via Basel – Mulhouse airport but the airport doesn’t seem to be in Switzerland but be shared with other countries. So, Is it ok to just take the UK student visa ?Thank you very much.

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  1. Basel-Mulhouse is essentially in France, but the road from the Basel city to the Swiss airport belongs to Switzerland. You can enter Switzerland with a Swiss visa and take 50 bus from Basel city to the check-in hall at the airport. There is a passage between the Swiss jurisdiction of the airport and the Schengen area under French jurisdiction (usually with border guards)

  2. If you are returning to the UK from the airport, you can go the airport by bus from Basel railway station. if you are going from the UK to Switzerland, you can take the Swiss exit when you leave the airport. Don’t take the French or German exit.

  3. Thank you for your help. I have booked the ticket to return to the UK from Basel Mulhouse airport…

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