can the electrical appliances bought in Japan be used in China?

want to buy a camera in Japan, want to know whether to bring home can use, heard that Japan and domestic voltage is different ~~ grant instruction! Thank you very much!!

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  1. You can sell anything, look at the input current, for example, is 110~240 can be used domestically, Japan and the United States are 110~120, Europe and China are 220~240. This method is universal,

  2. Digital products like cameras are fine.

  3. Through the converter, no problem

  4. Camera is generally battery charging, itself does not need power, battery charging mainly depends on the voltage of the charger, the domestic buy a charger can be done.

    other electrical appliances, there is the international version and the Japanese version, generally recommended to buy the international version, the Japanese version is divided into dead input voltage and do not do die, do die will use the converter, did not do die, open the power part regulation, threshold

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