consult tall person: exchange the problem of exchange

wants to ask tall person, we plan to go to Sweden and Denmark, what currency is better to use there, can euro use, dollar, still must change Sweden and Denmark oneself currency. Thank!

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  1. The legal tender in Denmark is the Danish krone, but the euro is supposed to work within the tourist zone, though only in paper money. See:

    Sweden’s currency is a Swedish krona, if don’t accept the euro.

  2. Go out the station to have the place that changes money, brush card very convenient, must use krona, the place that receives euro is not much and expensive, change money affirmation is krona

  3. Reference & have spent
    duckula wrote :
    out of the station there is a place to exchange money, card is very convenient, you must use krona, the place to collect euros is not much and expensive, change money is definitely krona “

    in the station near the exchange, it is certainly not cost-effective, but also to charge higher fees.

    swiping consumption, fee should be lower.

    take the local currency directly from the ATM machine, and the handling fee is between the first two.

    I don’t know who’s the best person, but there’s a better way to reduce your exchange loss.

  4. Card is the most cost-effective, more reasonable exchange rate.
    at the origin of exchange second, sometimes may be more economical than credit card.
    is finally exchanged at the destination or withdrawn at ATM.

    actually the difference in the exchange rate between different places in the same place is very small, it is the second place after the decimal point, if it is 2,3 hundred euros pounds and so on the loss is actually very small. Two or three pounds, tops.

  5. There is no handling charge for swiping the card

    I also changed it at the airport in Stockholm without handling charge, which is more suitable than Paris

  6. I’m going to Sweden on business in May this year. The travel unit can only give us dollars, to Sweden for krona. Is Forex available at Arlanda airport?

    thanks in advance,

  7. Do you exchange money from Turistinfo in Copenhagen? Exchange rate to eat a little loss does not matter, I only intend to change 300 kronor, Forex to 20kr fee seems not cost-effective said…

  8. Reference & have spent “
    duckula wrote :
    so FOREX is always the best choice. The rate is always better than the bank.”

    yes yes yes. A: Forex is good. There is a Forex spot just opposite Copenhagen’s city hall square (the street in the Tivoli direction is the one opposite the Tivoli street).

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