Does anyone know how to get from to downtown Venice Marco Polo airport? I will arrive at 8:45 at the Marco Polo airport. How do I get to downtown? By train? Thanks!!

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  1. It’s on the airport website. Take the shuttle bus to st. Lucia

  2. I am planning to go there too ~ this is what I have seen in the book, just for reference ~ 1. ATVO direct bus to Rome’s square in Venice takes about half an hour. The departure time is highly connneted to the arrival time of flights, and the fare is 2.5 euro 2. ACTV bus departure every half hourand and the final stop is Rome square. The bus stops along the way, about an hour fot the whole route. Ticket price is cheap, about 0.8 euro

  3. Airport is at seaside, 2,5 Europe by bus ,0.8 Europe should be the previous price. If arrive at daytime and still want to walking around, you can visit by boat. We vitited by boat last week, andfound it quite convient. There are special lines to 3 islands,which is more convenient than that in urban area, and traffic ticket still seemed effective and economical.

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