dubai landing visa the latest method. today I asked the Beijing office again: the answer is still no guarantee of visa, and there are many cases of visa refusal without any reason, and they are still very slow. You can have a look at this webpage, in the airport there is a Marhaba counter, more convenient than the Arab airlines! Two people plus hotel and shuttle less than 200 dollars, than the emirates also cheaper!

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  1. This counter we seem to have seen, next to the emirates counter. Seems like it’s better to book your own cheap hotel and get the airline to land cheaper at the airport.

    but it would also save a lot of worry and uncertainty if it could be done from within China. Do they have an office in China? Or should I send it to the united Arab emirates? )

  2. According to the rules, if you book the hotel + $50 / person for 96 hours of landing visa, it will be more than 160 times, and the hotel + landing visa + airport transfer for two people in Marhaba will be only 160 times. And the risk that does not refuse visa, arrived the airport to be able to do.

  3. Thank you, that was a very valuable information. I also told you that last year I took the EK307 on the way to Germany on EMRITES from dubai, and that that was the place where I made that landing ticket.

    of course you can’t get a visa-on-arrival without registering a hotel.

    then it was easy to get through the customs after the white robe was stamped, but just got out of the gate of the airport, I hurried in. It was called a steamer. Fortunately, the Benz bread sent by the hotel soon came to pick up the three of us (I am Chinese and a Pakistani and an Indian) to the hotel. On the way, only Lao ba talked with me, and the Indian never said a word. Lao ba said that this was the relationship between countries.

    100 more than a good room only slept 3 hours to the Persian gulf, and then 13 when the hotel car took me to the airport, this is even the landing visa and the whole process of knife.

  4. Hello, I want to go to DUBAI, I do not know whether the visa is easy, and whether the landing visa is convenient, I do not want to do a visa of other countries to go to DUBAI, I hope the seniors give me some advice…

  5. Very useful! You can try it in dubai on 23rd!

  6. First, the visa you mentioned is called transit visa. It is not a landing visa. Second, MarhabaService is Dnata a division, a subsidiary of Dnata is EmiratesGroup, in short, from emirates and from Marhaba applications, you are an applicant for immigration, royal all the EmiratesGroup is dubai. Thirdly, there is no commercial service organization that can guarantee that you do not have the risk of visa refusal. People who have applied for the visa all know that this is completely the matter of the immigration bureau. The reply that the building Lord gets from Arab airlines counter is very correct actually. I have indicated the status of the recent transit visa in the visa section.

    reference “pole” by sunrus 05, 2007-10-18 published
    if according to the rules, their book hotels + $50 per person of be born sign 96 hours, it would also have to pick up more than 160, and two people Marhaba samsung hotel + sign + landing airport is 160. And the risk that does not refuse visa, arrived the airport to be able to do. “

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