excuse me: Turkey Istanbul to qi shi shan air tickets how to book on the Internet ah? please everyone, just got the visa, I plan to leave early next week, otherwise it will be cold. If I want to fly from Germany to Istanbul, I can directly transfer to the ticket of CAPPADOCIA from Germany to Istanbul, but not from Istanbul to Istanbul. How can I book a flight to this part of Turkey? By the way, do I need a hotel reservation there? And how to book online (is there a hotel website?) Thank you very much! Online, etc…

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  1. Is there really no one to help?

  2. Go to the official website of Turkish airlines to try ah, I seem to have seen the
    that can be booked when I go, it is consign a person to be booked in Turkey, I remember is quite cheap, RMB is in the appearance of two or three hundred
    hotel is quite much, it is not busy season now, should not need to be booked

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