[FAQ] where can I buy a postcard from Toronto

I am in Toronto now. I was shopping in queen street and Chinatown yesterday. I didn’t see any place where I can buy postcards. Not the same as Europe ah, Europe there are everywhere on the road newsstands, grocery stores have sold, 55555, North America, Europe is quite big differences say there is a problem ah, where to change money, out of the airport did not see, to the city, eat, only accept this…

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  1. Welcome! Welcome!

    buy postcards is a great article. That’s a good question. There is no other weak-minded. Is to dare.

    postcard it is best to buy the dollar store. Cheap and have more choices. The dollar store in the MALL. The last time I was in scarborough town in the center of the dollar store to buy.

    some only gift shop in the MALL, where the card is expensive for several times, I also bought a, 5555.
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    money is also changed in the MALL.

  2. Ok, thanks.
    I got it, but now I live in river street.

    did you say there is money changing in any mall?
    general what sign ah

    today looking for the post office, looking for good hard, but finally found, inside unexpectedly what all buy, stationery, daily necessities, too invincible
    unfortunately post card poor very few

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