For those of you who have picked up your Car from Alpha Car Hire at Brisbane international airport, please share the details of the process. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. It took me a long time to find the Bus to get the Bus, which is on the left side of the gate of Brisbane airport

  2. In Melbourne airport to make a phone call to pick up the plane, pick up the plane to ask which company is to rent the car, puzzling.

  3. When you get out of the airport, click the prompts on the car rental list to find the waiting place. When you get to the waiting place, there will be a sign to show you the way. I told the rental company by phone, but it was difficult to communicate with them.

  4. After arriving at the airport, there is a special passage marked by the car rental company. When arriving at a special place, there is a Shuttle Bus for the car rental company to pick up. It is very inconvenient for non-locals. It is better to have a reception counter in the arrival hall.

  5. At the edge of the parking lot, it’s a little way out through a cloisters

  6. Since the car rental price is relatively low, I need to contact alpha by myself, and then take their shuttle bus to the counter, about 10 minutes

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