For those of you who return your car at Dollar rentals at Chicago’s hale airport, please share the details of the process. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Due to forgetting to refuel, I was pressed for time to catch the plane, so I was forced to pay a high oil fee, about $70 more. Be sure to fill up and return the car, otherwise the rental company will charge you $10 per gallon, which is $1.85 per gallon.

  2. The signs in America are very clear and easy to find with GPS.

  3. When returning the car, I made a GPS track record of the company’s return location in advance, so I found the company’s return location all the way according to the track. There was a very eye-catching reminder of returning the car on the road. Generally, you will see many company brands, and you can find your car rental company according to the instructions

  4. Very quickly. After a simple check, the receipt is given. Then take the bus to the terminal, the whole process is smooth.

  5. Arrive at the car rental store to return the car (marked), accept the vehicle inspection, no problem on the shuttle bus to leave.

  6. Return the car to the airport store of the car rental company, and then take the car rental company to pick up the car to the airport

  7. There is an obvious sign showing rental return outside the airport. Follow the directions and drive

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