For those of you who return your car at Dollar international airport, please share the details of the process. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Drive in the direction of CAR RETURN according to the specified time and place, then the staff will ask if you have returned the CAR. It is to see the actual situation after the line, many people will certainly line up, right. Then they will check the vehicle, if is filled with oil also will ask you to come on receipt of the latest it, proved to be added in the near 10 mile oil, no problem would be to print a confirmation list for you, it has written, if no problem, all show 0, and then you can unload the luggage, to take the shuttle bus to the airport, at the door is very convenient.

  2. Return car more convenient than rent a car, drive go in, someone come with you verify, 5 minutes was done.

  3. The car is driven in from the designated entrance and parked on the inspection lane of the parking lot according to the instructions. The car is not stopped and the fuel receipt within 10 miles is presented. The staff will simply look at the appearance of the car

  4. Car rental companies have dedicated car return area, directly to the car rental receipt to the staff on the OK. Very convenient!! As long as there is no friction one minute can complete the transfer procedures!

  5. There are obvious signs outside LAX from various rental car companies, but the dollar has a large banner in the old place telling you to go ahead and you can see it. At first it was because you didn’t notice and went around for several times

  6. Fill up the gas, drive the car directly to the company to wait for the delivery of the car, because return the car, pay the fee to queue, so it is best to return the car in line in advance, with the refueling list

  7. Drive directly to the store, show the refueling certificate, the staff check the car, end.

  8. Navigation to the airport store, there is a special car, on-site personnel after the car inspection without problems, handheld code machine scan, you can leave, wait for the airport bus to the store.

  9. It was quicker to return the car, but I bought a tank of gas when I rented the car and deducted another $60 for the gas. Since English is not very fluent, I do not want to theory.

  10. Directly drive back to the car rental stores dedicated car parking lot, the staff to verify the refueling receipt, confirm the car information is ok, the car keys directly on the car!

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