For those of you who want to pick up your car at the Europcar car rental company at Auckland international airport, please share the details of the process. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. There is a counter in the airport, but no staff, according to the instructions to go to the opposite terminal to pick up the car procedures and pick up the car

  2. After getting off the plane at the airport to pick up your luggage, you pass by Europcar’s obvious storefront. Show your order, your driver’s license and a notarized copy of your car’s key and go to the airport parking lot to pick it up. It’s as simple as that.

  3. Airport car, simple procedures, we arrived half an hour in advance, just have a car, let us take the car in advance, good!

  4. It is opposite to the domestic arrival exit, and you can see that the car is also at the back of the store, which is very convenient

  5. Take the luggage next to the exit is a row of rent out of the company counter, very easy to find!

  6. The counter was in a prominent position and arrived at 17:00 local time without waiting in line.

  7. Counter is very easy to find, procedures are not complex, there is insurance sales, but did not need to say no more nonsense. The introduction is very clear, take car return car very convenient.

  8. Complete the procedures in the airport, go out to the designated parking area to pick up the car. Convenient!

  9. At Auckland international airport, the car rental counter is next to the gate. If the domestic flight arrives, the car rental counter will turn right and walk for a few minutes.
    Go through the formalities and pick up your car in the parking lot.

  10. The counter is in the lobby, beside the exit, there is a big sign, you can see it at a glance. Procedures are very fast, out of the airport gate is the parking lot, according to the parking lot number can be found.

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