For those of you who want to pick up your car at Budget car rental in downtown Paris, please share the details of the process. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. The position marked on the order is not accurate, missing a road. But it’s easier to find them by the house number. The car pickup process was smooth, but the Renault car was much smaller than the original order! Luggage almost can not put, thanks to more female counterparts, sit still spacious.
    But the car is amazing. The power, the controls, the electronics are amazing. I got an automatic transmission, and I’m lucky. I’m lucky on the mountain roads in Italy.

  2. It’s on line 1, Lyon station, metro station, exit 7, go straight for about 100 meters and you’ll see it. It’s easy to find!

  3. Budget car rental companies in Paris, Lyon railway station store should be a relatively large stores, vehicles and vehicles is relatively more. Paris, Lyon train station consists of two layers, the first layer (2) is clearly a train station, so long as you take the escalator down to the lower layer (layer), you can see very significant store signs, actually stores is less than 30 meters from the escalator. Only two minutes from me to the railway station to find stores. The formalities (takes about 10 to 15 minutes), then store clerk took me about 2 minutes’ walk from the lower side directly from the bottom out of the station hall, the car is parked in the station next to a side door.

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