For those of you who want to return your car at San Francisco international airport Budget car rental, please share the details of the process. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Signpost is very clear, has been driving into the parking lot, there is a car, a minute to complete the car procedures, super!

  2. Drive directly to the car rental building, there is a staff to check the car, the whole process two minutes to complete

  3. The car has detailed signs. Just follow it. I was not familiar with it for the first time. I didn’t see the directions clearly at several branch roads. I went wrong several times. Familiar with in fact very convenient, park to return car point to have the staff member took a handheld device to the car to scan once say over, of procedure simple make a person surprise. The final price was more than ten yuan higher than the initial price, probably because the car was not filled with gas.

  4. Super simple car change, where to take back where, staff scan code, simply see the next mile 1 minute to do

  5. Drive your car to a drop-off point near the airport, pick it up and drive away. It’s fast and convenient

  6. Drive to the store directly, take the place of the car, someone check and accept once good, very quick.

  7. When returning the car, it is very convenient to park the car at the command position of the staff. Someone will check the car condition and leave after confirming that there is no problem. Then take the small train to the terminal. In the return area, we were instructed to take a small train to the first floor (after that, we still need to go up to the fourth floor to take a small train, the only difference is to get on from the other side). However, we found that it is more convenient to go directly to the location of the car rental counter and get on the train directly after the passengers get off the bus.

  8. It is very simple to return the car. Follow the navigation to the parking building of the car rental center, and there is a sign indicating car return. Drive to the parking lane of Budget as instructed, where the service staff will accept the car, check it briefly, then issue an invoice to us, and guide us to take the elevator to the connecting train to the airport.

  9. Driving on sf101, you can see the sign of returning the car from the rental. Follow the rental, and you will be ok. In fact, it is not very easy to find.

  10. After returning the car, I will take a special train to get to TERMINAL

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