For those who return their Car from Ezi Car Rental at Auckland international airport, share the detailed Rental process. For example, where is the parking lot, whether there is an obvious direction sign, what procedures to go through, what kind of transportation to leave, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. It’s quick to return the car. Store staff after a simple check on the end, the main check whether full of oil.

  2. Return the car fast, full insurance, take the car when I bought the oil money of 88 NZD, is full tank of oil 20% discount, a look away

  3. Return the car and pick up the car at a location, after acceptance by the car rental company to send you back to the airport

  4. The place to pick up the car is near where I live. It’s easy to find. The car is not in the airport, near the airport, there is a free shuttle. Good attitude. I decided to return the car in advance because it was an early morning flight the next day. Then walk back to the hotel near the airport. The decision turned out to be wrong. Because it’s impossible to walk back. I thought I could walk back to my hotel on two legs after a 3-minute drive, but I found there was no sidewalk. That’s the airport highway. Fortunately, two girls gave us a lift on the way and solved the problem. Of course, this is a personal issue, not a rental company issue. It’s all about sharing lessons. In addition, when the car is full of gas after the designated location of the self-service car is ok.

  5. The process of returning the car is relatively simple! The person of abroad is more exquisite credit, had credit card everything becomes very simple!

  6. The car is very convenient, once is the store staff reception, directly give the key to each other on the OK. The second time there were a lot of people, the store owner returned the car, took the printed list, put the key on their desk and left.

  7. Return a car procedure very simple, I belong to different return a car, keep the yellow bottom sheet when renting a car, the staff member probably checked once, said no problem. Soon I received a confirmation email and arranged a car to take us to the airport. The driver was also Nice…

  8. Search EZI with Google and find it. The location is easy to find. It is under renovation now, but it is open for business as usual

  9. Stop at the pickup area, return the keys and wait for the car to pick you up.

  10. To pick up the car point also car, there is no violation and rub, even I did not see the receipt on the gas, OK (or check the car I took the opportunity to show the last time filled with gas and let it receipt), completely trust ah! After that, the minibus arrived at the airport. Everything went well!

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