For those who want to pick up a car at Alamo airport in Ontario, please share the details of the pickup process. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. After submitting the rv pickup form and the online translation of my driver’s license, the clerk at the counter recommended that I upgrade to a larger Toyota corolla for only $20 more for the entire rental period. After a moment’s consideration, I accepted. After all, Toyota cars are hard to resist

  2. The Alamo stores are in a lobby with several other rental companies, and it’s easy to find the company’s check-in counter on the first entry, right next to the pickup exit.

  3. Live in the hotel near the airport, go to the car rental point to pick up the car. There is no pickup service from the hotel to the car rental point.

  4. I just went to pick up the car with my legs because the airport in the hotel is close to me. The exact location of picking up the car at the airport is not clear.

  5. It is very convenient for large car rental agencies in the United States to pick up their cars. I did not pick up the car on the same day, but after a good rest on the second day, I went to the airport near my residence to pick up the car (it is more expensive to pick up and return the car at the airport, but there are many choices of car models).

  6. Outside the airport, staff members held signs to guide them to the car rental service. It was very convenient.

  7. Chinese driver’s license notarized in English to take the car parts of the credit card, it is very convenient.

  8. There is a car rental center at Ontario airport. There are counters for almost all rental companies

  9. When we got to the hotel, we asked the hotel to send a car to pick us up at the car rental company.

  10. After checking in with the group, I took a free bus from the hotel to pick up the car at the car rental point of Ontario airport. The procedure was very fast and the car condition was very good.

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