For those who want to pick up your car at AVIS Melbourne Grand Hyatt Hotel, please share the details of the process. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. The pick up point in Melbourne this time is hyatt regency hotel, which is near Chinatown, very easy to find, and the surrounding are first-line brand stores, you can browse.

  2. My car points is Melbourne GRAND HYATT HOTEL, I got there by taxi, specifically in the face of the HOTEL gate left there is a dedicated elevator, the elevator on the 4th floor button clearly written “AVIS” logo, out of the elevator, along the yellow “AVIS” line on the ground, about 20 meters. Then walk office, the office is very small, only one staff, take car procedure is simple, only need a passport, Chinese driver’s license, translation, rent car rental orders, credit card, I have a reservation when buy basic risks, so friendly to refuse her recommend all risks. After finishing formalities, sit elevator to take a car in 2 buildings, give elevator car key to press, find a car immediately, see the exterior has abrade, oil is full of dissatisfaction, drive a person to leave, remember to leave from 4 buildings, not be 2 buildings, very strange? Because the building was sunken, otherwise it would have been like I’d gone around a few times before I found the exit. When you get out of the garage, slip the card the staff gave you into the machine and the railing will be lifted. Write so detailed, remember to thank me yo!

  3. Stores are hard to find, in a tiny room in the hotel’s basement.

  4. In the hotel garage, very bad, we went to the garage, out of the elevator can not find the avis the brand of office, can only see avis car brands, and down to the floor of parking vehicles, then find, looking for a long time to find the brand of office, delay the time, missed the train at 10:30, affected the penguin island behind schedule. I guess the office staff had not come to work at that time, and the sign had not been moved out.

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