German visa – hotel fax receipt time

want to ask, is not the hotel sent back the date of the fax must be in Germany before 30 can be ah???

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  1. By the way, I have booked my visa more than 30 days before I arrived in Germany

  2. B: no, as long as it’s a fax or E-mail from the hotel. What time is it

  3. Our interview time is 5/29 and the departure time is 6/27. I wonder if it is helpful to you

  4. Any time is ok, as long as it is a real hotel order. If the date of the German fax is too far from the visa date, the visa officer may call the hotel to check

  5. As I have asked before, the German consulate said that since it is the peak tourist season recently, the hotel fax copy will be valid two months before the departure.

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