GO Rentals at Christchurch airport to share the details of the car pickup process. Such as the location of the store, there is no obvious signs, where to take the shuttle bus, and so on. Your experience will be useful to other riders

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  1. Just call the rent company free with line phone in airport and wait for the bus to pick up to take the car

  2. Pick up the place is close to the airport, need to take car rental company shuttle bus to and from the airport

  3. Before I left, I specially confirmed with the rental car that I had reserved a hatchback, and the result was that it was a hatchback. So much so that the luggage of my family of four was dumped in the back of a friend’s car. I’m afraid to buy anything. Rent a car to say to compensate for the difference, do not know when to be able to pay.

  4. Cost-effective, site reception is very clear, more than a layer of service. The car is 18000km in length and is well maintained without any problems.

  5. During office hours, a call to the company should be answered soon. We arrived in the early hours of the morning, the phone is a variety of prevarication, anyway not very smooth. We didn’t get a car to pick us up until 7:30 at the office. Everything else is fine.

  6. When the car has passed the end of the work time, call in advance, report credit card information, the other side of the direct processing, the car reserved down. When you arrive, call for a car and pick it up at a hotel. But also because of this, the car has no choice, our car more trauma.

  7. In Christchurch airport domestic exit public parking lot, there are special cars to pick up

  8. There is a special waiting point at the airport for car rental companies to pick up and drop off, and someone will pick up the phone every few minutes

  9. At the I ~site of the airport, ask them to get off the phone. The place to wait for the bus is to the left of the airport.

  10. You need to call the store and the store will pick you up. Shuttle bus is the sign color of go rental, which is very recognizable.

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