Has anyone used the Alamo ebefore? How’s the company?

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  1. I rented a car in ALAMO on EasyRentCars and just came back from the trip! 1. I have used EasyRentCars to rent 3 cars in the United States and Canada, respectively on dollar, alamo and avis. EasyRentCars is reliable and cheap, better than xxUK. you can choose which is the cheapest. I was worried about if I made a bad choice at the beginning, but it turned out to be a good choice! I can communicate with it in Chinese! 2. Alamo is also good. The car is much newer than Dollar.

  2. In October of this year, I plan to go to the United States to rent a car and drive on Route 66. Hertz’s off-site returning costs are a bit high, and it is cheaper to rent a car in Alamo on EasyRentCars. Has anyone rent a car from Chicago Airport and returned the car at Las Vegas Airport? Is it reliable? Thank you!

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