help: a few questions about the Australian 48R form

is preparing the Australian visa, when filling out the 48R form, I have a few questions for you: 1. I am going to travel to Australia with my parents, but I am in my 20s and have my own passport. Should I fill in the application form for my parents? Among the details of the visit to Australia are…

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  1. 1. In some countries, the child’s passport is follow parents’
    if you already have a passport, of course, do not need to fill in the

    2. Tourism, vacation, or friends (if the money proof enough, or not to fill in friends and relatives as well, because you may need to fill in the information of friends)
    date is their trip date

    3. Don’t remember this, similar questions can be answered
    credit card and cash
    and attach a copy of the credit card and statements

  2. 1, fill your form when there is no, fill your parents form when you will write up, this is not necessarily in the same passport, also refers to the peer. Immediate family. Just write the name of your destination. You can write the date of departure or departure in your TRAVEL

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