[help] about student id

admission to Vienna is cheaper for students than that to Vienna card. Does it recognize German student id? Of course when you’re younger than 25. Or you must apply for the international student card P.S. in Salzburg for 2 days and 1 night. What kind of bus ticket is suitable for you? Thank you ~ ~

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  1. I used my German student id to visit schonbrunn palace and many other places.

    should work!

  2. This problem has been bothering me, I have not understood! I am over 25 years old, how to do, even if there is a German student id also useless? So, I’m thinking of buying a WIENER CARD!

  3. In fact, Austria does not check the student id card, often said to buy a student ticket. My student id card is no relevant age on it 🙂 only when I went to hofburg and was asked if there were more than 26, it depends on my degree of consciousness.

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