holiday Roman family hotel excuse me, has anyone stayed in holiday Roman family hotel, how is the situation?

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  1. Also ask price, breakfast and dinner, and is the door locked? thank you

  2. I have lived, the environment, food is good, the service is also very warm price is not high, to Rome to visit friends can consider here

  3. I also lived, the environment is very clean and neat, also more varied diet, Chinese food and Korean food, more suitable for my taste. The boss is really will take care of people, the service is very considerate. Friends can consider here to Rome, the traffic is very convenient. Economical place is our first choice. web site has a price, you can have a look at.

  4. Dingding, sister qin is very enthusiastic and has a good living environment. 20 yuan per person, including breakfast and dinner, Chinese food, Korean food is quite diverse. near the central railway station, the subway is also very convenient, the hotel is located near a unique name of the ice cream shop, cheap, nothing to spend 1.5 euros to buy a “three balls”, very cool.

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