How many days for visiting Prague and Vienna ?

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  1. Personally speaking, if you want to visit places in an unhurried way, 2 days +2 days is enough. But it’s better to leave three days or more for each place.

  2. I will do 2 days in Prague and 3 days in Vienna – going there the week after the next, will let you know when I back. Good luck:

  3. Finally, it is decided that we can have 7 and a half days. May I ask if there are any more places to visit?

  4. We plan to visit both places for two days. Is there a 48-hour ticket? Besides, is Eurorail the only train from Vienna to Prague. The ticket seems to be quite expensive. The ticket of the second class is 98 Euros.~

  5. If you travel around inside the city, it is not necessary to buy tickets of 72 hours. If you want to go to several cities in one day, you can buy a day ticket.

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