I am going to Sweden and Germany on a business trip at the end of this month, staying in kista for 4 days, would like to ask in Stockholm is there attrction worth visiting ? What’s the latest t bus back to kista? In addition, I will be in malmo at the afternoon and weekend of April 4th. Will malmo and lund for half a day be enough? Will another 2 days be enough to visit Copenhagen?It seems to cover several nearby towns in two days from a trip plan online.Is it feasible for people to visit Denmark for the first time? …

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  1. It’s still a 20-minute train from malmo to Copenhagen. Denmark is not very big, and the scenic spots in Copenhagen are not far awayfrom each other. You can visit the museum depending on your personal interests and hobbies. But two days is enough.

  2. You can check around the sound tickets carefully, it is the best choice! Here is the website : http://www.skanetrafiken.se/templates/InformationPage.aspx? Id = 3223 & epslanguage = EN for your reference.

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