I am going to visit some friends in early April. It is a small city in south France, and I want to visit Nice and Monaco by the way because I have to stay there for many days. I wonder how to buy the train tickets and coach tickets? Is there any discount? Thankyou~

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  1. It’s not expensive. Just buy it now.

  2. Can I buy the ticket at the ticket machine? Is there a website for bus information?

  3. Eurolines is the only company for the coach between France and other countries. I have never heard of any budgeted airline in China. Taking the train is probably the best and only way to travel in France if you don’t know how to drive yourself

  4. Coaches in each region are run by different companies. There is not necessarily a bus to Nice or Monaco. If any, all the bus tickets cost more than 1 euro. You can get on the bus and buy the ticket.

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