I asked about Japan visa now have 90 days of personal tourist visa (bf short-term work to Japan) accidentally has a history of the multinational visa (the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.) Japan is the second main problem now is I want to take mom to play also want to know how to give mom a visa can I access my bf or personal tourist visa), by the way walks 2 months to 3 months wenwen830101@hotmail.com Beijing to Tokyo

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  1. I think you should consider your mother’s visa history instead of your visa history.

  2. Mom has no visa history in developed countries…
    has only been to some small countries
    can I say mom and I go on a tourist visa?
    because I signed with bf to travel
    but I don’t know how mom’s relationship is…

  3. If it is domestic, it seems not very good oh. Unless you go on a business trip for your mom.

  4. In principle, you need BF to provide all the certificates on the embassy website, such as login card, housing, salary, tax bill, which I don’t think can be provided if it is a short-term job.

    in addition, when you apply for a visa to Japan, you will not consider which countries you have been to before, because Japan thinks its examination of Chinese people is the most rigorous. This is exactly what my Japanese friend who works in the Japanese consulate in Shanghai said to me.

  5. China gives visa-free access to Japan. What a pervert

  6. Reference “pole” published by the moonlight high winds in the 2008-3-26 13
    China to Japan visa-free, perverted “

    China also gave Japan 15 days visa-free, relative to the Japanese people in other countries, the 90 – day visa-free is very 厳 し い.

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