I booked a flight ticket of stansted airport and the plane takes off at 6:45 a.m. The coach will arrive at Stansted airport at 5.55am. But it is not allowed to check in 40 minutes before the plane took off. So I only have 10 minutes available. I wonder if it’s too late. Is the coach usually late? Is the coach stop far from the check-in site at the airport? I don’t have any checked baggage. Is 10 minutes enough to check in?

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  1. 10 minutes may be not enough. And you have to go through customs and security after checking in, which will take time.

  2. The airport is quite close to downtown London. It used to take about 35 pounds from Canary Wharf Cab. For three or four people, you can take a Cab.

  3. The airport is far away. I took the early flight but couldn’t find a bus on Area 2, so I had to spend the night at the airport. And many people stayed there overnight.

  4. If I arrive at the airport at 5:25 am on a coach and the plane will take off at 6:45, will I have time to check in?

  5. You may be just in time. But in case of something unexpected, such as a delayed train, you may miss it. Normally, for Stansted, it is not allowed to check in 40 minutes before the plane took off.

  6. I used to go to Greece by plane at 6 am and took the earliest shuttle of NE. It is estimated that it will arrive 5 or 6 minutes earlier. If you run there, it may take 5 minutes to the check-in site. But then if you run from the check-in site to the boarding site, it may take 8 or 9 minutes. Fortunately, the budgeted flight of easyjet was delayed for 1 hour.

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