I booked subpoenas from three different shipping company. Where can I get the tickets?1.G.A. FerriesPIRAEUS (ATTIKI) -> SANTORINI (KYKLADES)2.Hellenic Seaways(H.Q.)SANTORINI (KYKLADES) -> MYKONOS (KYKLADES)3 (ATTIKI) are all agencies that can find these three shipping companies at the wharf? (ATTIKI) Is it possible to find the agent of these three shipping companies in the dock?

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  1. You can search every shipping company’s website on Google, and then book tickets on their website, free of charge.

  2. These companies have offices at the port of Athens where you can get tickets. Only the office of GA company will open at 9 am. If it is an early ship, the ticket must be picked up in the city the day before. The other two offices will open at 6 am. In addition, there are also offices of all shipping companies in Santorini.

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