I have rented a car of Hez through ERC which cover above 250 euro and include Pereonal insurance, what about the rest part of insurance?

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  1. we all bought the supercovr,,, just in case,,, something happens,, although it is very smooth ~~when I return the car, the staff did not check and just ask me if there is a problem, I said no, then it’s done.

  2. The insurance regulations of car rental companies are basically the same. There is a basic insurance payment line, which varies from company to company.Hez is 250 euro. If you don’t feel at ease, buy supercover. If you are confident about your driving, don’t buy it. I’ve rented cars in Europe many times and never bought this insurance.Of course drive carefully, European parking lot’s parking Spaces are very narrow. Be careful not to be rubbed and wiped.It is no a problem if you drive carefully on the road.

  3. Consult: I have rented a Hez car through ERC, which I paid the full amount in advance.The website shows “Supplement Insureance (250 EUR Excess for Car Damage Insurance, Third party liability, Personal Insurance and Personal Effect Protection”, for insurance under 250 eur you can buy supercover on website, but i don’t think it is cost-effective. Because it costs 74 yuan a day, and just like the 850-1800 eur one. so, how to buy supercover?How much will it cost when I go to the branch to pick up the car?thank you

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