I plan to go from Austria (Vienna, innsbruck) to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) to the Netherlands (Amsterdam, the Hague, delft). I want to take the train. Is that ok? thanks

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  1. Innsbruck is a bit far from Rome, so if you want to take the train, you can go to Venice in Italy. There should be a budget airline from Rome to Amsterdam.

  2. You can take a night train from Venice to Vienna, and there will be a special offer for advanced bookings (You can refer to: http://www.oebb.at)
    From Vienna,innsbruck to the Netherlands: to see if there is a cheap plane: http://www.skyscanner.com. You can also refer to : http://www.skyscanner.com.
    From Munich to Amsterdam: You can also take a night train, and there may also be a special offer for advanced bookings.

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