I plan to stay in the United States for about 17 days. On the first day, in the morning, I plan to go to San Francisco, look for a hotel, and have a city tour. On the second day, I rent a car to Yosemite and the golden gate bridge. On the third day of San Francisco, I drive along the highway 1 to Los Angeles to return the car. On the fourth and the fifth day, I plan to visit Disneyland and universal studios. And then I follow with the group to Las Vegas and the grand canyon.

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  1. 2. You can rent a car but it is not recommednded because you need to have the driver’s license in English or IDP and the one-way fee is very high. 4. If you follow a group, you can take a road trio along directly grey line in LV. 5. It is ok. You can directly fly from Louis vuitton. 6. If you want to go to the great falls, you can rent a car.

  2. You can choose not to visit Yosemite. Driving is very dangerous in the mountains in winter, so prepare chain at this tour. You can refer to the link to save your cost: http://www.calpartours.com/California group Tours. The HTM

  3. If I can’t go to Yosemite, then should I spend a day in San Francisco? So is it better to fly directly to Los Angeles? In this case, we will transfer to Los Angeles in San Francisco, so the entry will be in San Francisco or Los Angeles? Because of the visa, San Francisco is one of the destinations, while Los Angeles is not, so will it not allow entry to Los Angeles? so would it make more sense to change the itinerary to Los Angeles, then buy citypass to Disney and the studios and rent a car to San Diego, Las Vegas, and the grand canyon? is it convenient to drive to the grand canyon? By the way, the trip started from the beginning of October, and is it in winter at that time? since I have other luggage, can I leave my luggage in the hotel for a few days when I go out and pick it up when I come back? Do I need to give a fee or tip?

  4. A day at Yosemite is too short. It was not very cold in early October, and there was no snow. I went camping last time in early October, but it was very cold at night, so I need to bring warm clothes.

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