I received a parking ticket in Boston and how to deal with it? On Mar.14 when I was travelling around harvard, I pulled over and came back to find a ticket. I rented the car from Hertz with a credit card, and there were meters on the roadside, but I only had cash in hand and no coins. Finally I got caught. Now I have returned to China. If I don’t pay the fine, will the American police find Hertz from the vehicle information and then find my personal information to charge from the credit card? Thanks…

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  1. The ticket will be charged to Hertz, and Hertz will be charged to your credit card

  2. If you don’t pay the fine, the car rental company will be notified by the parking authority, but that will be a long time later. Due to the delay, there will be a late fee in addition to the fine. Sometimes the late fee will be very high. The car rental company will then charge you (fine and late fee) from your credit card. You can dispute the fees, but because you’re out of America, you don’t enjoy the right either. You can pay the fine online. There’s a website address on Ticket. If it is to belong to Boston, you can visit https://wmq.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/boston/input.jsp to pay the fine.

  3. The parking fee in Boston is not too high relatively. It’s better to pay online with a credit card. In addition, if you do not pay, the traffic bureau will be informed. Basically it has nothing to do with the police station.

  4. Got it! Make sure to bring some COINS with you when driving in American cities!!!

  5. Coins are really essential! I drove from NYC to Harvard on March 3 and cannot park the car due to no COINS. Finally I had to drive to combridge police station. Under the guidance of a policeman, I parked my car in a pay parking.

  6. I suggest you can pay by the credit card. Pay for it.

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