I will be in south France around June 10th. Could you please tell me the earliest flowering time of the lavender and sunflower fields in South France? In addition, is it necessary to rent a car to travel in south France?

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  1. It’s convenient to rent a car in South France because the public transport is very developed there. I went to South France in mid and late July that year. Lavender and sunflower were all blooming. It’s better not to go there after late July.

  2. It’s better to go there in late June and July ! If you want to visit many places, it is better to rent a car. You can book the ticket of TGC to AVIGNON in Paris, tranafer to the city center and find the PROVENCE TOUR, a small group tour for the countryside.

  3. It is early to go there in early June. You can wait until the end of June. It is better to rent a car, but there are many groups to see flowers.

  4. Late June/early July is best. The lavender in early June may not be very beautiful.

  5. It is a little early to go there in early June.

  6. Maybe from early July to mid-july

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