I will go to Vienna on next Monday. I wonder what the weather is like there now? Is it ok to put on another coat? Or is it cooler in the morning and evening? I also want to ask can we have the boat tour in the Danube rive? In addition, I heard that the Chinese embassy in Austria was attacked by Tibetan elements a few days ago. How is the security there now? Is that ok? Thank you

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  1. Go to http://www.wetter.at to find out the weather. For now, winter clothes are still needed. The boat tour in Danube a is on friday-sunday.More info refers to http://www.ddsg-blue-danube.at/. I haven’t been to Vienna recently, but I think even if there is something wrong in the embassy, there will be a particular person to deal with it, which has little to do with ordinary tourists. Vienna is not very safe in Austria, but compared to other big cities, it is quite safe. Of course, avoid walking at night or something

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