I will stay in Frankfurt for 4 days altogether. Where can I take a day trip if I start from Frankfurt?Can I go to Cologne and Munich and back in one day? What are the attractions recommended?

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  1. It is ok to travel back and forth in a day. But for Munich, it is impossible to go back and forth in a day. Of course, you can go to Heidelberg.

  2. Heidelberg is more interesting.

  3. You can see the train schedule, http://www.bahn.de. It takes about a day to go there and back.

  4. Heidelberg is highly recommended, and wiesbaden is also good.

  5. It is ok to go to Cologne but Munich is too far away. It takes 3 hours to go there by ice. Heidelberg is generally the best choice. Kassel is also good, and Stuttgart is also worth a visit. You can see the Mercedes museum or go to bingen and take the Rhine river boat. It is also a good choice to go to raleigh or Koblenz and return by car.

  6. Weekend tickets -wochenende tickets for up to 5 people and 32 euros, 30 euros on ticket machines. If you travel around Frankfurt, I will recommend: Darmstadt-Mainz–Wiesbaden-Heidelberg-Stuttgart—–Mannheim-Weimar—–Trier———Bingen-Koblenz。

  7. It cost 35 euros now if you buy the ticket at the ticket machine.

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