I will stay on Santorini island and I have found out a recommended hotel called Stelio Place Hotel on Lonely Planet. The single room is for 22 euros per night. It is said to be very close to Black Beach, located in Perissa. Is it convenient to live there?

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  1. Perissa is in the southeast of Santorini island. Fira is in the middle. Oia is in the north. Seen from the map, Perissa is less than 10KM from Fira.

  2. It’s still a little far, but of course if you rent a car, there’s ok. Hotels near the cliff are not particularly expensive in April, and usually take about 50 euros and 60 euros.

  3. It’s a little far away. If you rent the car on your own, it should be ok. If you take the public transportation, it is better to stay in FIra.

  4. I think that it is more convenient to see the sunset in the hotel in the west coast.

  5. You can live in Fira, which is quite convenient and you can go there at night. If it’s not too cold, you can rent a off-road motorcycle.

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