I will transfer in Frankfurt but I heard that it is very big. I will take Air China from Shanghai to bilbao, Spain via Frankfurt. Because it is not the same airline, I need to pick up my luggage and check it again. It is said that Frankfurt is very big, and is 3 hours for transferring enough? Is it far between zones a,b and c? Do I have to transfer by bus? Thank you

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  1. 3 hours should be ok. All flights within Europe does not require checking in so early. 1 hour early is enough. You have two hours to check out, pick up the baggage and look for a position. Frankfurt airport is big but there is a logo. You should get off a plane and transfer in Terminal 1. You don’t have to transfer between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

  2. It is better to make sure that the first flight arrives on time.

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