I will travel to and fro between Amsterdam and Paris on April 27. For the Rail Europe, I have some questions. 1. Should I book the ticket from the Chinese website, or the international website http://www.interrailnet.com/ 2. If I will only travel to Paris, is it better to buy the round-trip ticket alone or the pass?

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  1. I bought the eruoperail pass . The Interrail pass is for people who have lived in Europe for more than six months. InterRail Passes are meant for European residents. You are considered to be a European resident if You have been staying in Europe for more than 6 months on the first day of validity of your InterRail Pass. If you want to go from Amsterdam to Parisby THA train, you need to make a reservation and pay a fee.

  2. Rail passes have never been economical, and for now the trick to cheap rail tickets in Europe is to book two months in advance.

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