I would like to ask about the ticket from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle. It is said that the state ticket can only be valid after 9 o ‘clock, but I think it is too late to leave after 9 o ‘clock. So, is there any other way to get a cheaper ticket besides the state ticket? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. There is a bus from Muenchen Hbf to Fuessen at 8:51, take that bus, and you can buy another ticket from Muenchen Hbf to muenchen-pasing. Then you can use the Bayern ticket at 9:00.

  2. In fact, it is not very late after nine o ‘clock. I just came back. I took the bus at 9:50, and returned at five o ‘clock. The time was enough.

  3. It’s still too late for me. If I want to go there earlier, would I have to buy a ticket of over 20 euros?

  4. If you can’t get a state ticket at all, you have to pay full fare. If you only spend one day moving from Munich to neuschwanstein castle, there is no need to take so early bus.

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