I would like to ask the friends who have driven to the south island, if I see the beautiful scenery and there is an open space beside, can I stop the car and take photos?Or do I have to see the sign?thank you!

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  1. Look at the signs, look at the signs, look at the signs, say the impoant things three times

  2. generally there are signs of scenic spots on the roadside, which will show what scenic spots are after how many meters, the right or left.

  3. You have to driving on the left side with the right rudder in New Zealand. If you driving in clockwise direction in south island, there are scenic spots signs to inform you to pull over for rest, so that it is more convenient to visit scenic spots. If there are obvious signs then you can stop, and there are large open space which does not affect the road driving you also can stop, but if the signs is ‘towing’ and ‘reserve’ for parking spaces, do not stop.

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